What The Adventure Is About

You may be wondering what this is all about. Well, let me tell you. This is our quest, or "adventure" if you will, to take bar-hopping to a new level. To expand on it we decided to go to every bar in the Green Bay area and have at least one drink (soda and water count) at every place. There are 3 limitations that must be met to be included in the adventure:

1) The place has to have an actual bar.
2) The bar must be inside the Green Bay city limits (We're doing Green Bay first).
3) The place has to be open to the public, this applies to mainly banquet halls and "strip clubs" that are either closed to the public or charge cover fees.

About the second rule, this is just a starting point, we plan on doing the surrounding areas (Allouez, Ashwaubenon, Bellevue, Howard, Oneida Nation and possibly DePere) when Green Bay is done. We started this on October 1, 1997. We are at Cock & Bull every Thursday night around 8:30 till about 9:30 - 10:00, then we go and continue the adventure. Anyone is welcome to be a guest. The bars with a red check next to them represent the bars we have been to. Now you may think we could just be lieing about how many bars we have been to, so we have been taking a "log book" to every place we go to. In the book we write down the date, the name of the bar, a little about it, and then we get the bartender to sign the book as proof that we were there. At the end of each night we each sign the book to show we were all there, and if there is a guest(must go to three bars), they also get to sign the book. Some people say we are nuts and some say its cool, just about everybody asks why are we doing this. We simply tell them that everyone has a hobby and this is ours.

If you know of any bar that is not listed, let me know so I can update the page. If you know any of the information that is not listed like the bars address and/or phone number let me know.
If you have any comments or want to be a guest;
give your name and number or a place to get a hold of you.
We will get back to you as soon a we can.

This adventure brought to you by:
James Stedl (aka. Murdock)
Sean Bardouche (aka. Axeman)
Elliot Christenson (aka. WaxMaster)